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Dr.Faysal Jameel Ghazawi, The Holy Haram of Mecca” Imam”   and the Dean of the Faculty of Dawa and Fundamentals of Religion in Um Alqura University - Mecca. 

,Prof. al-Shaid al-Bushikhi, Chairman, Board of Directors 
Mubdi‘ Foundation for Studies and Research, Morocco. 

Prof. Fahd ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Roomi, Professor, Faculty of Education, King Saud University, Riyadh.

Prof. Abd al-Rahman ibn Maadah al-Shihri, Professor, Faculty of Education, King Saud University, Riyadh. 

Prof. Ali ibn Ibraheem al-Zahrani, Professor of Higher Studies, Head of the Department of Education, the Islamic University, Madinah. 

Prof. Yahya ibn Muhammad Zamzami, Supervisor, King 
Abdullah’s Chair for the Qur’an and its Studies at Umm 
al-Qura University, Makkah. 

Professor Abd Elhakeem Mohammed Al Onays, Head of researchers and a member of senior scholars’ board of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department –Dubai

Professor Taha Hamad Abdeen, The professor of Quran Tafseer and its Science  in OM-Alqura University in Mecca.

Prof. Ahmad Khalid Shukri, Professor, Faculty of Islamic 
Jurisprudence [Shariah], University of Jordan. 

Prof. Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Sharqawi, Professor of 
Commentary and Qur’anic Studies, University of al-Azhar, Cairo, Egypt. 



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